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Ed Burch

I have been a lifelong  dancer, gymnast, actor, singer, performer. I have performed and competed nationwide, as well as adjudicated for a number of dance competitions throughout the area. I am proud to be a part of the faculty at Jo Ann Warren Studio in Worcester, MA since 1995; teaching dancers from "4 to 92", and a teacher and choreographer at Aspire Dance Center in Oxford, MA since 2016, and the gymnastic coach at Premier Sport Taekwondo in North Grafton, MA. In recent years I have also had the privilege to have been the Resident Artist in Dance for the First-Year Arts program for Harvard University; as well as the director and co-director for two dance companies that raised money for many charities in the Central Massachusetts area.

I started Ed Burch Dance right out of college as I began teaching my popular Saturday Night Dancing for Fun classes for the continuing education program at Assabet Valley Regional High School. The Ed Burch Dance company and logo allowed me to further advertise those classes while still being able to promote my weeknight classes for Jo Ann Warren Studio without too much overlap. It has gone on to deliver three classes every Saturday night for the Spring and Fall semester classes with a huge turnout each year, as well as an incredible returning dance community; some of which have been with me since the start. 


Between the support, love and understanding that I have always received from my family, my dance teachers, my coaches, and the dance community as a whole; DANCE has become an art form that fills my life with beauty and accomplishment. I am definitely not your average dancer and I go out of my way to make sure that anyone and everyone that wants to try dance can, and will, feel comfortable doing so; all while having as much fun as possible!!!


I hope that you are reading this and understanding how much dance has shaped me as a person, mentor, coach and teacher. Thank you for letting me into your world and allowing me to share dance with you!


Keep Dancin'



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