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Walk on to the dance floor with some comfort and confidence. We learn the basics of many different styles of social and ballroom dancing. You and your partner learn together. have fun together, and best of all, have a blast doing it.


Join us in one of our three levels:

  • Level 1 - Learn the Basics

  • Level 2 - Learn more styles 

  • Level 3 - Work on new moves, new styles and dancing in a more social setting.

Saturday Night DFF
Join us at the Northbridge Senior Center in Northbridge, MA for a fun hour of tap dance and exercise.

We work on balance, strength, and technique. Learn the basics of tap and work on choreography while getting some fun exercise in the process!

Get ready for your big day with a few dance lessons. Just choose your song and I will help you learn an appropriate style of dance to make your first dance a big hit!

I can help with father/daughter, mother/son, wedding party or the couples' first dance; as well as just teach some basic moves to dance to a number of different kinds of music. Anything to help make your big day SPECIAL!


If you've got the space and the students, I've got the personality and fun to fill it!

Group classes and workshops are available for you studio or students. We work on technique and choreography, challenging enough for the most hardcore students while never leaving any more novice or beginner students behind. 

Classes & Workshops
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